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The conference will offer symposia focused on the following topics:

(1) Innovative insect pest management with natural products

(2) Manipulating indirect plant defences to improve pest management: can it be done?

(3) From basic science in chemical ecology to commercial pest control products: alternative semiochemical-based insect pest management

(4) Understanding the mechanism and behavioural ecology of olfaction for improved control of fruit fly pests

(5) Molecular Mechanism of Pheromone Detection in Insects

(6) Chemical information flow among organisms

(7) Signaling and perception in plant-herbivore interactions

(8) Plant-mediated insect interactions

(9) Chemical ecology of plant-vector-virus/microorganism interactions

(10) Chemical ecology of invasive species

(11) Chemical ecology of forest ecosystem

(12) General chemical ecology

(13) Molecular chemical ecology

(14) Prof. Kenji Mori sensei: Great Legendary Chemical Synthesis Master and the first APACE president

(15) Plant-plant chemical interactions

Abstract submission

Both oral and poster presenters should submit a one-page abstract on-line by July 31, 2019, with the corresponding author’s information including full mailing address and e-mail address, refer to Abstract Template.

Review process

The Scientific Program Committee will review all submissions. Applicants will receive notification if their submission has been accepted or rejected for the APACE2019 Conference before September 1, 2019. If you cannot receive a confirmation email, please contact: apace2019@zju.edu.cn.


Oral presentation Keynote presentations are about 25 to 30 minutes. General presentations have a total of 12-20 minutes to speak (10-15 min for presentation and 2-5 min for questions and answers), depending on the number of papers in the session.

Poster presentation The standard size of the poster is 90 cm (Width) × 120 cm (Height) with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.

For any additional questions, feel free to contact us!

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