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Announcement of Conference Participation Awards for ALAEQ and ISCE students and young scientists to attend the 10th APACE Conference

To encourage and support the participation of students and early career scientists from three chemical ecology societies, representatives from the three societies, Coby Schal (ISCE, International Society of Chemical Ecology), Paulo Zarbin (ALAEQ, Latin America Association of Chemical Ecology) and Jerry Zhu (APACE, Asia-Pacific Association of Chemical Ecologists) at the 5th ALAEQ conference in Chile, proposed to establish the Inter- society travel awards to young members from each society to attend their respective conferences. After discussion with APACE executive committee, APACE decides to provide financial support to one candidate each selected from ISCE and ALAEQ to join the 10th APACE Conference this fall in Hangzhou, China (Oct. 9-13, 2019).

APACE will provide financial supports to ALAEQ and ISCE' s highly deserving Ph.D. students, postdocs or early career chemical ecologists to attend the 2019 APACE conference in Hangzhou (www.apace2019.org). This award will include a round trip flight ticket (Max. $2500), with waiver of the conference registration fee by the support of the local organizing committee.

Eligibility criteria and nominations

• Any current Ph.D. student, postdoc or early career member of either ALAEQ or ISCE is eligible to be nominated for this award. Awardees will be expected to become APACE members before the APACE conference they will attend.

• ALAEQ and ISCE will develop mechanisms for screening potential nominees. This may include a competition at their respective conferences, or a call for nominations, or any other mechanism that effectively identifies deserving nominees based on demonstrated excellence and potential for future leadership for their societies.

• The Presidents of ALAEQ and ISCE, or their designees, will submit their nominees to the Past President of APACE (Jerry Zhu). The deadline for submission will be April 15, 2019.

• Nominations submitted to APACE will include all the materials of the top three award nominations. Nominations will consist of a SINGLE PDF file submitted electronically.

Proposed mechanism for evaluation and funding

• This will be a stand-alone program with APACE funds (approved by the Treasurer).

• The selection of awardees will be by ALAEQ and ISCE. The role of APACE will be to ensure a process that satisfies the goal of the awards and minimizes conflict of interest.


• The APACE Executive Committee will be charged with evaluating the effectiveness of this nomination and taking action to redirect the program to maximize its effectiveness. This will include monitoring the quality of awardees, participation in future meetings of ISCE, ALAEQ and APACE, “retention” of society members, leadership in all three associations, etc.